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Rejuvenating Body Spa

Rejuvenating Body Spa


The moor wraps gently remove aches and pains and brings instead a state of deep relaxation and wellness into your very being.  Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes to rejuvenate your skin.

When you step into our Beauty on Earth Body Spa, you are at once transported to another world. The relaxing, tranquil and luxurious ambiance serves as a perfect escape from the monotony and drudgery of your everyday life. You would be greeted by the warm, inviting and pleasant team of aestheticians. Our signature perfume will promote a sense of calm right from the moment you step into the salon.

Opt for one of our super enjoyable and luxurious body treatments so that you get a soft, supple and absolutely glowing complexion and skin that is really soft to touch and radiates with health. Our body treatments are perfectly balanced for deep cleansing as well as replenishing the skin. All body spa treatments are customised. They help getting rid of the dryness and dullness and restoring hydrated silkiness to your skin. Come avail our elite body spa treatments and help your skin get well-nourished. We provide efficient services by fully qualified and trained beauty therapists who customize body treatments and target immediate client requirements.

Health for Life Moor Wrap

We at Beauty on Earth offer the super elite Health for Life Moor Wrap that takes about 45 minutes and comes to you at $95. The moor wraps are super effective in gently removing pains and aches and restoring a state of wellness and deep relaxation. Moor wrap is said to be rich in minerals, enzymes and natural vitamins for revitalizing your skin.

What to Expect from Moor Wraps:

  • – Moor wraps are great for detoxifying your body.
  • – They help in mobilizing toxins that are stored in fat.
  • – They eliminate fat naturally from your body.
  • – They heal skin problems.
  • – They tighten and tone the skin.
  • – They treat acne and age spots.
  • – They are effective in reducing cellulites.
  • – They help to improve circulation.
  • – They are efficient in alleviating muscular pain, arthritis or rheumatism.
  • – Moor wraps stimulate body’s immune system.
  • – They assist in controlling cramps.
  • – They are sometimes said to have diuretic effects that bring about temporary weight loss.


How is a Moor Wrap Done?

Come to our amazing Body Spa where aromatic and warm moor mud that is rich in minerals, enzymes and natural vitamins is generously applied all over your body by a trained therapist with gentle soothing strokes. Then the entire body is wrapped in a thermal blanket. Moor wrap is great for stimulating and invigorating your body helping your body to reach a state of well-being and deep relaxation.

Beauty on Earth came to be established in the year 2007 by Mitch Nguyen and his wife Trin Le, who have years of experience in Corporate Sales and the chemist industry respectively. Together, they were able to bring their vision of high standard salons which would allow customers to reach up and attain their beauty goals. They combine brilliant service with unflinching commitment to bring an enriching, enjoyable personalized experience for every client.