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Nail Enhancement


Come to Beauty on Earth for polished and well-groomed nails that are sure to boost your confidence and make heads turn. If you wish to look sexier, prettier and more professional, try our wonderful nail enhancement. We at Beauty on Earth provide the most professional, competent and advanced services. If you have brittle and weak nails that do not grow well naturally or if you are looking for chip-proof manicure, come to us for the perfect solution.

Un-attractive and weak nails are given an aesthetic lift with the help of nail extensions. Generally there are three distinct nail enhancement techniques including Dipping Gel Powder, Acrylic Powder and liquid Gel nails. Each comes with its own unique features. We use the most advanced Dipping Gel Powder and Gelish with Permanent Gel Colours.


This is a healthy, natural and all organic system just right for enhancing your nails. This involves no primer, no liquid, no odour and even no UV light. These are truly lightweight and relatively much thinner than others. The most important thing is that calcium and five different types of vitamins are added resulting in healthier and stronger nails.

Full Set Colour/French/(~400 colour) $40/$45
Refill Clear/Colour $35-$40
Soak Off & Full Set Color $50-$55

GELISH (Permanent Gel Colors)

Gelish is known to be a soak off type of gel system. Its application is just in the same way as a regular nail polish. It looks natural, is chip-free and durable and is not known to fade or smudge. This enhances your nails and gives them a mirror finish that lasts for almost 3 weeks. It is usually applied by trained professionals directly onto your natural nails so that your nails are benefited by the extra conditioning thanks to the keratin content which also promotes growth. Gelish causes no damage to your natural nail plate and takes only ten minutes to soak off.

Hands Feet
Full Set Clear/Color $25 $30
Full Set with Deluxe Manicure $40   –
Full Set with Deluxe Pedicure   – $50

What to Expect

  • Gel causes no damage to your natural nails
  • Gel promotes growth, protects and strengthens your natural nails
  • Gel is more flexible and odourless
  • Gel is supposed to be relatively safer and definitely more eco-friendly alternative to acrylics


Finding the Right Salon

Nail enhancement necessitates proper hygiene. We at Beauty on Earth offer great ambiance. Hygiene is on top of our priority list. All our aestheticians are certified and fully trained professionals who give special attention to the safety of the clients. You can trust us as we guarantee a hassle-free and a really wonderful experience amidst our plush, relaxing and tranquil environment. We follow highest hygiene standards. We are confident of the skill and expertise of our nail tech. We have earned goodwill in the trade thanks to our dedication, skill, proper hygiene standards and regular maintenance & upkeep.