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DMK is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Beauty on Earth has always believed that beauty is more than just skin deep and finally there is a skincare that shares this passion. Focusing on what’s within the skin, not just what’s on top of it, DMK treatments and home care prescriptors are able to Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain your skin. By paying attention to what is happening beneath the skin we can understand what skin conditions we find on the outside and with DMK’s unique transdermal delivery system we can then revise these conditions in a way you have never experienced.



Whoever said beauty is pain never saw our range of DMK relaxation facials. These facials achieve great results with nothing more than the unique DMK transdermal delivery system. Lie back and allow our therapists to Hydrate, Protect and Restore the natural balance of your skin with a facial routine tailored specifically to you and your skin.





Busy schedule? Always on the run? Barely enough time to eat, let alone get a facial? Well then rush into Beauty on Earth for the Lunchtime Peel and you’ll be looking at the skin of your dreams in no time. We’ll set to work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and visible pores before you know it. And by using only botanically based AHA and BHA ingredients, your skin is left looking instantly radiant and luminous, just in time for your next meeting. Go!




DMK’s signature treatment and all round power house will revive your skin in a way you’ve never experienced before. Enzyme Therapy improves the skin’s ability to function by detoxifying the lymphatic from waste. With lymph being able to flow freely again now the vital cellular nutrition and oxygenation required for cellular regeneration can reach your skin. By stimulating collagen production, restoring structural integrity to the skin and hydrolysing all dead cell build up Enzyme Therapy is a breath of fresh air that will leave you wondering why you didn’t start sooner.

Level 1  – Light enzyme therapy with pre exfoliation tailored to your main skin concerns $179/90min Course of 6 $895      Course of 8 $1,253
Level 2  – Also called Muscle Banding, this will lift, firm, tone and brighten the skin with immediate noticeable results $199/90min Course of 6 $995    Course of 8 $1,393
A-Lift Program- Double down on the exfoliation, up the anti and multiply the results $219/90min Course of 6 $1095



When you’ve run out of time before that big event this is the facial for you. While we always being that a strong regular facial routine is the best way to long term skin results, we understand that sometimes life just gets in the way. That’s why the Instant Lift exists to give you incredible short term results. This triple enzyme treatment is the perfect treatment for any special occasion where you want to look your best.




Get ready for something entirely new with a treatment line you never would have believed was possible. If you’ve ever thought it would be great if you could treat your skin concerns while at the same time taking care of unwanted facial hair then wait no longer.

The unique formula gently pushes the pH of the skin to the far end of the pH Scale. By doing so the wash is able to soften and dissolve built up dead skin and hair cells and wipe them both away as easily as you would remove your cleanser. This dissolving action is a kind and amazing treatment for scar tissue, unwanted facial hair, folliculitis, pigmentation and acne. By removing the everyday build up of dead skin cells the skin looks and feels incredibly light and even allows for better product penetration as there’s no longer this layer to get in the way. The wash can even be used on almost any location on the body to treat everything from pigmentation to body acne and even those difficult to move stretch marks.
(All revision treatments include a compulsory Level 1 Enzyme Therapy to balance the skin’s pH)

Alkaline Hair Removal  Lip $30
Half face $80
Alkaline Full Face Skin Revision – includes Level 1 enzyme $239/100min
Alkaline Body Skin Revision – includes Level 1 enzyme $249



A revolutionary innovation into foot care that will give you baby soft feet without the use of blades, harsh chemicals or rough callous shavers. The DMK Paramedical Pedicure formula acts to soften, swell and dissolve thickened hard skin and callouses, before your therapist lightly buffs the unwanted skin away with ease. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax and choose your nail polish colour while your therapist massages away your worries leaving you with the soft and supple feet of your dreams.

or add to any pedicure for $35