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Tips for Making Eyelash Extensions a Success

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Surveys have revealed that given the choice of only one makeup product to use, 50% of women would choose mascara. Mascara is great, but with eyelash extensions, women are now provided the incredible opportunity to have dark, lush and long eyelashes without any effort. They are great, and definitely worth a try at least once. If you are the wash and go sort of person, they may not be the best idea for you, but you should try it out nonetheless. Before you set off on a wild extensions spree, there are some tips and tricks you need to keep in mind to look fabulous without any of the hassles.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Research is vital. Instead of going to your local salon, try to look for a reputable salon or spa to get your extensions. Word of mouth goes a long way, so ask your friends and also check reviews online. Ensure that the person tending to the new lashes is a certified cosmetologist and a licensed aesthetician. Most of these eyelash extensions Melton salons are happy to give you a free consultation first, and you should make the most of that.
  • Find out whether the adhesive they use is non-formaldehyde or not, and what customizable lash options they can offer you. Ensure that they are doing things right. The correct extension mechanism is to add one single lash to each of yours. If they are applying lashes in clusters, they’re taking the short way out.
  • Once your extensions are done, do your best not to fiddle with or tug at them, as it would not only pull them out, but also damage your original eyelashes. If you want to get rid of them for good, visit a salon and get them removed by a professional.
  • Reshaping extensions is quite a simple affair, and you should totally go for it. After showering, comb them gently or use a blow-dryer on the “cool” setting with your arms at a fair distance from the face.

Things to Avoid

  • Keep your extensions absolutely dry for a day or two after application. Also, avoid workouts, rigorous exercise or steam rooms, as these could reactivate the adhesive and cause clumping.
  • Keep any and all moisture-rich products like oil, cream, conditioner or shampoo away from your lashes, as they loosen the bond and will end up melting them right off. A simple way to avoid this is to tilt the head back when washing hair, or even wearing swimming goggles!
  • While extensions look great and everything, you shouldn’t neglect your natural lashes. Use a growth serum or a conditioner to maintain their health and strength.

If you want to switch to a different style, all you need to do is schedule a touch-up appointment with the lash artist and tell them what you need. The most amazing thing about extensions is that they are incredibly versatile, customizable and a whole lot of fun. You could flaunt them wherever you go, and they look elegant at formal meetings, stylish at parties, and chic wherever you are!

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