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Some Important Laser hair Removal Questions & Answers for You to Know

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Laser hair removal has become tremendously popular in recent times. Let us explore the various aspects of laser hair removal to understand its role and implications in the aesthetic world. Visit your most trusted beauty salon and clinic based in Geelong for professional laser hair removal at affordable rates.

Why should you opt for laser hair removal?

Lasers are effective in removing hair for good; they give you a relatively long-term solution for getting rid of undesirable body hair. In just about a few sittings or sessions you could be free from the unwanted body hair that has been bothering you for the past so many years. The conventional hair removal techniques like shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, tweezing, threading, etc. are known to come up with short-term results.

To make things really worse, often these hair removal techniques result in stimulating hair growth. Moreover, laser hair removal has an upper hand over the traditional hair removal procedures. You do not any longer need to allow hair grow out before the laser hair removal process for effective results, unlike other conventional methods. Now you could start your dream life of hair free days. Simply book an appointment at the best beauty salon in Geelong for perfect laser hair removal.

Do the conventional hair removal techniques stimulate hair growth?

Yes, conventional hair removal techniques such as shaving, tweezing, and waxing are known to boost hair growth. When your hair is being pulled out for removing it, there is a rush of blood to the zone that nourishes the hair follicle. When these treatments are resorted to, on a regular basis, they would be triggering the growth of deep-rooted and coarse hairs. The hair growth issues would be becoming even worse than before, in reality.

How is hair removed by laser?

Hair removal lasers would be emitting a light at a precise wavelength when it would be effectively absorbed by the colour or pigment in your hair follicle. This process does not cause any damage to the surrounding skin. The light would be converted to the effective heat energy for disabling the hair follicle against producing another hair.

Why is laser hair removal comfortable and safe?

Generally, an advanced cooling system is used for protecting your outer skin while the laser hair removal process is in progress. Most reputed salons and clinics would be using cutting-edge equipment for instantly removing the heat while the laser pulses. You would be experiencing the least discomfort and definitely the sensation is regarded as far more comfortable as compared to tweezing, waxing, or electrolysis.

Can laser hair removal be used in every part of the body?

No, laser hair removal could be safely used for treating any part of your body apart from the small patch inside your eye socket’s bony ridge.

Who are the most suitable candidates for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal would be most effective in people having a light complexion with very coarse and dark brown or black hair. However, laser hair removal could be effectively used in all skin and hair colours right from blonde, light brown, to red.

Schedule an appointment today, at the most reliable beauty salon based in Geelong for expert laser hair removal.

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