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6 Eyelash Extensions Do’s and Don’ts You should Know

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Eyelashes can be defined as the hair which grows on the edges of the eyes. We all know they safeguard our eyes from dirt. However, they can also change the look of our eyes and make a person look pretty. Imagine how a girl sets a boy’s heart racing when she just flutters her eyelashes sitting across the corner.

Some people have thicker eyelashes while some have lighter ones. If you wish to get fuller eyelashes, the solution lies in getting eyelash extensions which will give your eyes a striking appearance. We have listed some vital dos and don’ts so that you know exactly what to do when you opt for this beauty procedure:

1. Do your homework beforehand:

You are beautifying the area around your eyes, a critical part of your body. Hence, do proper research about eyelash extensions salons in Melton and select a reliable cosmetic clinic even if it means paying a little more. Check if they use non-formaldehyde (glue) to apply the extensions and that the process is done by licensed cosmetologists.

2. Do keep your extensions clean:

Eyelashes can easily catch debris leading to ugly accumulation of dirt which can damage the extensions. Clean your eyelashes on a daily basis. Take a small amount of oil-free cleanser and gently massage it in the roots to remove dirt. Rinse with water and pat the eyelashes dry with a soft towel. Also, after you take a shower, run a small comb through your eyelashes to fan them out.

3. Do get a touch-up done:

Eyelash extensions stay through a complete growth phase of natural eyelashes, normally for 6-8 weeks. Nonetheless, since eyelash growth varies from person to person, it is recommended that you visit the salon from where you got the extensions applied every 3-4 weeks for a touch-up in order to sustain a full look.

4. Don’t expose them to water for 24-48 hours post application:

Once your eyelash extensions have been applied, make sure you don’t get them wet for the next 1-2 days. Avoid activities such as swimming, hot yoga, taking steam/sauna etc. Allow the glue to set properly.

5. Don’t use oil-based products:

Oil can dissolve the glue and cause the eyelash extensions to fall off. Stay away from any oil-based cosmetics and lotions.

6. Don’t pull or tug:

Never fiddle with the eyelashes. Refrain from the urge to twist, tug or pull them as you may end up spoiling your natural lashes. Eyelashes are extremely delicate so you need to handle them with care. If you experience any problem, it’s best to see a professional and let them take care of it.

Eyelash extensions are easy to care for and don’t require much maintenance. Book an appointment at your preferred salon in Melton and flaunt your new set of eyelashes with style.

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